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Product name: ferrous sulfate
Alias: green vitriol; Duroferon; Feosol; Fer-In-Sol; Iron monosulfate; Sulfuric Acid, Iron (2+) Salt (1:1); Ferrous sulphate; IRON (II) SULFATE
Technical instruction code: 2536
Content ,% ≥ 98.0
Fe content,% ≥ 19.7
Packing;woven bag 25kg 50kg(+_0.1KG)
Storage: please store in cool and ventilated warehouse to keep away from fire and heat sources

1.Product features
It is mainly used in pesticide, pigment and pharmaceutical fields.

2.Technical index
ferrous sulfate content(FeSO4 7H2O)%≥ 98
titanium dioxide(TiO2)content%≤ 0.75

3.Product standard
Q/321100ZT 004-2001

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